Wilson Carbon Force: a padel racket with personality

by TravelToPadel

We have had to tests one of the blades of the firm Wilson Padel, a model of intermediate or medium-high level belonging to the Carbon Force range.

Wilson Carbon Force 2023 Padel racket front view

We are talking about the Carbon Force LT, a racket with black aesthetic and very little weight, making it a fairly manageable model and therefore perfect for players who want a light racket to progress or for those who have elbow problems, as its light weight prevents the joint from being loaded.

It is a diamond-shaped racket but with a very large sweet spot (located in the centre but slightly elevated), which greatly favours control and together with the EVA Soft rubber, it offers a very pleasant feel when playing, giving a plus to the ball exit. It is true, however, that it should be noted that it is not a racket focused on power, but something more versatile, so if you are a puncher player, you can not get the maximum performance in this aspect of the game, although the ball runs well enough in both volleys and serves.

Also noteworthy is the hole pattern, which visually does not follow the usual cross or square patterns, not having a clear geometric shape and with all the holes of the same size.

Wilson Carbon Force 2023 Padel racket side view

As for the flats, we inform you that they have a finish with a certain roughness, with a very fine texture, which favours the grip with the ball when hitting and slightly improves the effects when playing.

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