Black Crown Piton 11: Power and Precision

by TravelToPadel

Discover the Black Crown Piton 11 2023, the padel racket that redefines performance. Equipped with advanced technology and an attractive design, this racket enhances your control and power in the game. Step into the superior playing experience offered by the Piton 11. Take your game to the next level!


Piton 11 padel racket.
Weight 355 to 370
Frame 38 mm. Constant profile.
Round shape.
80% carbon fibre double tubular frame.
Outer core: 3k Carbon
3Xply Eva.
Level: professional
Power: 55%.
Control: 45%

Boost Your Game with Advanced Technology

With the Black Crown Piton 11 2023, you take your padel game to a new level of excellence. Incorporating the best technology, this model features a double layer construction of fibreglass, a 3K Carbon layer and a Low Density PitonGlass. This combination ensures superior strength and provides a semi-stiff feel ideal for topspin and other attacking shots. Every shot will be a demonstration of controlled power, enhancing your performance in every match.

Black Crown Piton 11 2023 grip showing Confortable and Balanced

Perfect Balance of Power and Control

The Black Crown Piton 11 features a rounded shape and large sweetspot for exceptional control. The 2TB EVA frame with 80% carbon fibre provides strength and enlarges the hitting zone, ensuring greater durability. With the Piton 11, you will get precise and powerful shots in all circumstances, giving you a decisive advantage in every game.

Distinctive Style that Dazzles

Enrich your presence on the court with the modern and energetic design of the Piton 11. With its electric blue base, this racket is a real eye-catcher and adds dynamism to your game. Its black accents add a touch of elegance and sophistication, creating a racket that not only plays well, but looks great too.

Both sides Black Crown Piton 11 2023 showing More Power More Control

Black Crown Piton with SOFT RUBBER

The Piton 11 Soft racket from Black Crown’s new 2023 collection stands out as the adaptable and versatile star, designed especially for players who value a softer feel and efficient ball delivery. Its 355-370 gram weight and round shape promote superior manoeuvrability, with an enlarged sweetspot that ensures accuracy and ease of centring the most challenging shots.

Thanks to the incorporation of 3Xply EVA technology, which consists of an outer layer of hard EVA rubber and a softer inner layer, the Piton 11 Soft offers a perfect balance between control and power, making you a more complete player.

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