Babolat keeps growing and now brings us Babolat Padel Studio

by TravelToPadel

After more than 20 years of developing in the padel industry, the French brand Babolat announced last Tuesday the arrival of a new project that will be a turning point for the brand: the investment in its first technical centre for padel rackets in Spain, near Barcelona (Sant Fruitós de Bages).

Juan Lebron and Eric Babolat shaking hands in press room

New premium models will be tested and produced in limited series at this facility and will be introduced in the European market in 2024. The announcement was made in Madrid in the presence of Eric Babolat, CEO of Babolat, together with its franchise player, Juan Lebron. The Andalusian has been playing for Babolat since 2017 and has a line of shoes and clothing entirely dedicated to Babolat (launched in 2023).

Eric Babolat stated during the announcement that the arrival of Babolat Studio ”is a true place of innovation, with several key objectives: to test innovative ideas for padel players, focusing on the practice of the game and the needs of the players; to serve as a model for more responsible racket production and the invention of new manufacturing methods; and finally, to manufacture high-end, high-performance racquets in limited quantities. Together, we are determined to shape the future of padel and offer players exceptional equipment.

Juan Lebron and Eric Babolat holding Babolat padel on blue court

The Babolat Padel Studio will have four main missions:


The creation of this unit is accompanied by the acquisition of unique technological and industrial know-how (including 4 patents) that will allow us to create products that are very different from what is currently offered on the market and that will also include a sustainable approach.

Player service:

This study will also help us to better serve the needs of our players (champions and club players) and to stay at the forefront of the evolution of padel racket sports.

Made to measure:

The aim of this study is to be able to produce rackets in small quantities, made to measure, limited series, in short runs, in a flexible and agile way.

Made in Spain:

Being located in Spain means being at the heart of the padel culture, understanding the DNA of the sport and helping to detect and feel its future development.

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