HEAD Extreme ONE: you won’t believe what HEAD just did?

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HEAD has amazed everyone with its new products and in particular there is one that has caught everyone’s attention. The new Extreme range, the most powerful of the brand, is the great bet for a fast paddle adapted to the game of today. The Pro, Motion and Elite models have exceptional qualities that make them excellent options in the market. However, the Extreme ONE is the one that has received all the attention for being the only racket with only one hole.

The Austrian company has always been looking for evolution and progress, with the aim of providing the player with the best products with which to deploy their full potential. For this reason, every season we have seen some of the most innovative technologies in their catalogue. However, despite the amount of new products they usually bring, we have never seen something as groundbreaking as the HEAD Extreme ONE.

A racket that catches the eye from the first moment and that is, right now, the most wanted by the players. Everyone wants to try it to see how it works and if we are really facing a real revolution in this sport.

HEAD Extreme One Padel front view

A padell ahead of its time

HEAD has worked on the concept of this racket with a very solid idea: to adapt to today’s padel and that the Extreme ONE is the first step towards a range of products designed for the game of the future. In fact, HEAD says that they would like to introduce a One model in all their collections from now on.

What are the differences between nowadays’ padel and that of a previous decade? In short, it’s a much faster and more dynamic game, where players have to hit a lot more acceleration shots. So the Austrian brand worked on finding an agile and comfortable racket that also has a lot of power and manoeuvrability.

As a result, the Extreme ONE has focused on having great aerodynamics and low weight. The result is a racket that provides the player with greater ease to make some of the most common shots, such as backhands, volleys or vipers. In addition, it is the lightest, the most durable and the one that aspires to be the jewel in the crown of the HEAD catalogue.

HEAD Extreme One 2023 top view

A single hole

Seeing a single hole in a racket raises many questions. First of all, the most basic question is whether it is legal to compete with such a racket at a professional level. The answer is yes, it is legal. The padel regulations state that a racket must have at least one hole and that the holes must be between 9 and 13 millimetres. In the case of the Head Extreme ONE, it has only one hole and the minimum possible size, i.e. 9mm.

The next thing that comes to mind is the weight, since removing perforations is supposed to make the racket heavier. On the contrary, as this model is the lightest of the Extreme range with only 345 grams thanks to its structure.

Another issue could be aerodynamics, because the perforations allow air to pass through them and not having them could make the racket less manoeuvrable. This aspect is the one that the brand has worked on the most. HEAD has tested the racket in a wind tunnel, where they have been able to check how the presence of the holes affects the wind resistance of the product. They have worked to perfect this mobility and the result is an extremely agile and easy to move racket.

Finally, it is worth highlighting its great resistance, achieved in large part thanks to the absence of holes and the carbon used. Most of the blades end up breaking because of the holes and removing this delicate point means greatly increasing its durability and taking it to a limit never seen before. Any crack or breakage will be almost impossible.

Black HEAD Extreme One padel on blue court and 3 yellow balls

HEAD Extreme ONE Features

It is a high quality padel designed for advanced and professional players who want to perform at the highest level.

Overall, the Extreme ONE is designed to be a racket with maximum manoeuvrability and power. The features that reinforce this are its 345 g weight, the diamond shape and the high balance of 27.5 cm.

In terms of technologies and materials, we find the best of HEAD. For starters, the Auxetic construction gives the racket extra power and excellent feel. Also the POWER FOAM rubber, which together with the visible 12K carbon will give us a great ball output. The same as the graphene inside, which provides greater stability.

On the other hand, the comfort will be maximum thanks to other technologies. For example, the soft cap (SOFT BUTT CAP) reduces vibrations when hitting. The optimised sweet spot will also help the player to feel more comfortable from the first moment and the fact that the entire surface is the same, without perforations, also helps to ensure a uniform strike.

Finally, it is also worth mentioning the EXTREME SPIN. The effects are achieved largely thanks to the holes and to make up for the lack of these from HEAD have worked on a rough of the highest quality with which to handle the rotation of the ball.

In short, it is a top racket that stands out for its great handling and comfort, which together with the characteristic power of Extreme make it a very good option to take into account to play a fast and dynamic paddle.



The Auxetic structure has a unique deformation compared to non-auxetic constructions. Auxetic constructions expand when a “tensile” force is applied and contract when squeezed. The greater the applied force, the greater theuxetic reaction.


It is the perfect ally for maximum power. The speed the ball will reach will surprise your opponents as much as it will surprise you.


Each padel has its own DNA, its own identity. Some will be looking for control and precision, others for power or comfort or spin. So Head has developed the Optimized Sweet Spot. Providing the desired characteristic.


Graphene strengthens the frame, provides greater stability and optimises energy transfer from the racquet to the ball. When you buy your next racquet, make sure it has GRAFENE INSIDE.


The new cap made of bi-component construction material provides a comfortable and soft grip.
With an orange finish, it serves to dampen vibrations and reduce pressure, preventing hand injuries and blisters.


The rough texture multiplies spin creation on the ball. Achieve impossible spin with Extreme Spin.


Each padel has its own DNA. Some will be looking for control and precision, others for power or comfort. That is why HEAD has developed the Smart Bridge, to adapt the bridge area to the needs of each racket.


Every tube section is individually constructed to achieve the best performance for each racquet.


HEAD’s Anti-Shock technology is ideal for protecting your racket from knocks and scratches and extending its lifespan.

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